• operación diaria y mantenimiento de la sala de pintura 2017-06-05 09:43:07

    1. It is forbidden to smoke and use open flames in the barn.

    2. The operator must wear a clean overalls as required and wear a gas mask to enter the paint room to operate.

    3. The interior and the surrounding environment of the paint room should be kept clean and the person in charge of the painting must be cleaned once a month.

    4. Baking room should be maintained according to the use of maintenance, according to the use of frequency, working environment, regular replacement of top cotton, cotton and cotton at the end of cotton.

    5. In addition to the use of blowing guns and clay cloth dust, the other before all the spraying process should be completed outside the paint room.

    6. In the paint room can only be baking process, and the paint room door can only be opened in and out of the car to ensure that the dust outside the room can not enter the room. Push the trolley that loads the paint components into the paint room and stop at the proper position on the rail.

    7. Before the paint, you must check the surrounding environment, to ensure that the paint room in the course of the use of no security risks.

    8. Before baking, the flammable items in the paint room must be removed from the room.

    9. Make sure that the paint door is closed in place.

    10. When the paint operator in the whole operation process, can not leave the barn around, you must always pay attention to baking situation.

    11. Baking room at work, turn off the door of the barn, should be away from the barn door away, to avoid hot air burns the face.

    12. After use must clean the room walls and platform base, so as not to dust and dust accumulation.

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